Dual Role Collision

Your e-workbook to prevent and migrate parental burnout

By Shelley Kemmerer
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Parental Burnout Strategist and Founder of Run Tell Mom LLC, Shelley Kemmerer PA-C, MCHS, confronts the illusion of a seamless blend between professional and parenting roles in her e-workbook, 'Dual Role Collision.' Drawing from her extensive expertise, Shelley introduces transformative strategies rooted in proactive wellness rather than reactive, short-term solutions. In a world where parents grapple with competing priorities and an ever-evolving landscape of responsibilities, 'Dual Role Collision' acknowledges the friction, then takes a refreshing, hack-free approach to overcoming it. These strategies, although they don't magically extend the hours in your day, fundamentally shift the narrative. They empower parents to redefine their experiences, revise internal narratives about parenthood and work, and cherish the unique joys (and surprises) each role offers. The e-workbook sheds light on: - Pinpointing your core values to anchor decision-making, especially when faced with challenging choices concerning time and resources. - Grounding decisions in what's truly feasible, allowing you to make balanced choices without the weight of unrealistic expectations. - Practically managing time, resources, and energy, ensuring neither role feels continuously short-changed. - Strategically eliminating less significant obligations, thereby decluttering your mental and emotional space. Shelley brings to life these strategies with rich examples derived from her research, showcasing diverse family structures and backgrounds. Dive in to masterfully navigate the dual roles and thrive in each, all while fostering peace and reducing stress.