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Shelley Kemmerer is a Board Certified Physician Assistant, PN Nutrition Coach, Founder of Run Tell Mom LLC, Lead Parent and Caregiver Wellbeing Strategist for The Workplace Wellness Collective, and (most importantly) a parent who is dedicated to promoting parental wellbeing and preventing burnout. She received her post-graduate certification from The Training Institute for Psychology & Health in Parental Burnout (formerly The Training Institute for Parental Burnout, TIBP), an institute led by renowned parental burnout researchers, Profs. Isabelle Roskam.

Shelley is also a Certified Facilitator of Eve Rodsky's Fair Play Method and frequently collaborates with other parental mental health advocates to raise awareness about burnout in personal and professional settings. Shelley believes that household equity and burnout prevention are both essential aspects of family planning, and she uses her social media platform to advocate for the wellbeing of parents and caregivers. She has been invited to speak as a featured guest on several podcasts, live interviews, non-profit engagements, and clinical social rounds. Shelley's expertise has earned her a spot as a guest speaker at Oath Care's "All The Feels" Virtual Summit and as a co-panelist presenter at Postpartum Support International this summer.

At Run Tell Mom L.L.C., I firmly believe that each family is unique, and therefore the approach to its growth and development should be as well. This principle guides my efforts in offering customizable, evidence-based burnout resources designed to augment your parenting experience and complement the clinical care your family receives. My innovative solutions extend beyond traditional health care, filling crucial resource gaps in both household and work environments. Check out Services for current offerings.

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Hire Shelley Kemmerer for public speaking.
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