About Run Tell Mom, L.L.C.

We want your parenthood journey to be a successful one.

What if new parents were given a "how-to-parent" manual following the delivery of their child(ren)? Is there a better system that we can adopt that will decrease household stress as it relates to parental responsibilities? The answer is YES.

Run Tell Mom, L.L.C.  offers a wide range of parental resources that are tailored to your unique household. We provide resources to improve sleep, overall wellbeing, connections to parent support groups, locate family activities and local essential services for food and bill paying, household & family planning, and return-to-work planning to name a few. We do not provide medical services- please contact your medical provider to obtain medical treatment.

Run Tell Mom (RTM) is an organization to help parental burnout and improve family wellbeing, run by Shelley Kemmerer.

Shelley Kemmerer PA-C, MCHS.
Shelley is a parent , Board Certified Physician Assistant, and Founder of
Run Tell Mom. She received her post-graduate certification from The Training Institute of Parental Burnout, an institute developed by the pioneers of parental burnout research, Profs. Isabelle Roskam and Moira Mikolajczak. She is a Certified Facilitator of Eve Rodsky's "Fair Play Method" and regularly collaborates with other parental mental health advocates in order to increase burnout awareness in both personal & professional atmospheres. She promotes household equity, parental burnout prevention as an integral component of family planning, and parent & caregiver wellbeing advocacy.

Run Tell Mom, L.L.C. helps parents & caregivers with live-in children navigate their transition through parenthood. We partner to fill the space beyond clinical care by providing personalized, evidenced-based resources via 1:1 virtual coaching, group workshops, and courses to optimize your parental experience. We explore your supportive ecosystem in order to fill resource gaps while alleviating decision-making fatigue stress. Some facets of life that influence your ecosystem: your job, current parental demand, partner support, and extent of local external support.

Run Tell Mom, L.L.C. prioritizes parental wellbeing in a holistic, ecosystem-based manner. The foundation of our work is rooted in the belief that a supported parent is one that can provide the most optimal environment for one's child to thrive in. As our respected client, you determine which areas of your life and wellbeing you would like to focus on and we provide you with the resources to do so. Our impactful work starts within your home, with your guidance.

Run Tell Mom L.L.C. values your definition of home and wants to embrace you where you are, as you are. We engage in positive, non-discriminatory approaches to support all of our clients—regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or ability—with diverse, thoroughly-researched, and inclusive parental resources.

We are thrilled to work with you.

Disclaimer: We do not provide therapeutic advisement and / or medical advice. We are a resource-centered company that works in a complementary fashion with one's care team. We are not a replacement for medical care or mental health care. Please consult your medical provider with any medically-related questions.*

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