Prioritizing Burnout Prevention in Family Planning

Understanding how burnout prevention serves as a crucial element of effective family planning

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Shelley is a Board Certified Physician Assistant, PN Nutrition Coach, Founder of Run Tell Mom LLC, Lead Parent and Caregiver Wellbeing Strategist for The Workplace Wellness Collective, and (most importantly) a parent who is dedicated to promoting parental wellbeing and preventing burnout.

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Shelley Kemmerer PA-C, MCHS, confronts the illusion of a seamless blend between professional and parenting roles in her e-workbook.

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I offer virtual & in-person evidence-driven resource sessions to help you prepare your household for a new family member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm the one who ends up handling all the household chores.

The notion of "invisible work," first coined by sociologist Arlene Daniels in 1987, describes the often overlooked and undervalued unpaid tasks carried out within the household. This hidden workload can significantly contribute to burnout, fatigue, and exhaustion. Recognizing the impact of this invisible work, my resources are designed to specifically address and alleviate these stressors, offering targeted strategies to balance both visible and invisible responsibilities effectively.

Do you have resources for stress reduction? Community support?

Unchecked stress isn't just a short-term concern; it can significantly affect our long-term health. That's why my mission is to lower your stress levels through enduring resources that tackle various facets of burnout and parenting stress. From linking you to local and online parental support groups to recommending app-based mindfulness courses and providing work and household support options, I equip you with comprehensive tools for a more balanced life.

My work life always collides with parenting life!

Dive into my e-workbook, 'Dual Role Collision,' where you'll find a wealth of resources and data-backed strategies, complemented by thought-provoking prompts. Don't just manage your dual roles—master them.

I feel overloaded- I don't want to run the risk of feeling burnt out.

If you are looking to schedule a 1:1 resource consultation for parental burnout prevention, click the Contact button to select Resource Consultations with Shelley.

It feels like my boss doesn't understand what burnout really is.

I advocate for open dialogue in the workplace, especially concerning burnout solutions. There's a noticeable gap between what's available in today's employee wellness market for burnout prevention and how often these resources are actually used. The reason? Many businesses place productivity goals above human wellbeing. I bring an understanding of both these realms and offer strategies that can enhance wellness in both the home and the workplace. Schedule Corportate Organizational Sessions here.

Would you offer to speak at my workplace? 

Absolutely! I'm available to lead engaging sessions on burnout prevention and mitigation for your organization or hospital. My expertise is tailored to suit both clinical and non-clinical settings, ensuring a comprehensive approach to workplace & parental wellness.