Prioritizing Burnout Prevention in Family Planning

Understanding how burnout prevention serves as a crucial element of effective family planning

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Shelley is a Board Certified Physician Assistant, PN Nutrition Coach, Founder of Run Tell Mom LLC, Lead Parent and Caregiver Wellbeing Strategist for The Workplace Wellness Collective, and (most importantly) a parent who is dedicated to promoting parental wellbeing and preventing burnout.

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Shelley Kemmerer PA-C, MCHS, confronts the illusion of a seamless blend between professional and parenting roles in her e-workbook.

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I offer virtual & in-person evidence-driven resource sessions to help you prepare your household for a new family member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to find a way to relax and decrease my stress level.

The concept of "invisible labor" or "invisible work" which was a term coined in 1987 by sociologist Arlene Daniels. This is unpaid work performed within the household that typically goes unnoticed and is often undervalued or underappreciated. This extensive work can also contribute to burnout-related fatigue and exhaustion.

All of the housework falls onto my lap to do

Unchecked stress can have a major impact on our long-term health, therefore I make it my mission to decrease your stress levels by providing you with evergreen resources to address multidimensional tiers of burnout and parenting stress. I provide you with resources to get you connected to local and virtually-based parental support groups, app-based mindfulness courses, and household / work support.

Household tasks mainly fall on my shoulders.

Sound familiar? This is a sentiment shared by many! I can help you develop a flexible household task action plan for daily chores. This plan is customized, easy to edit, and incorporates Eve Rodsky's Fair Play Method framework.

I feel overloaded- I don't want to run the risk of feeling burnt out.

If you are looking to schedule a 1:1 resource consultation for parental burnout prevention, click the Contact button above to schedule with Shelley today.

It feels like my boss doesn't understand what burnout really is.

I am a proponent of collaborative discussion within the workforce, particularly as it relates to burnout solutions. There is a disconnect between what the current employee wellness market provides for burnout prevention and low utilization of such resources. Why? Because businesses will often prioritize productivity goals over human needs. I understand both and can help provide solutions for both household & workforce

It can be hard to find new friends as a new parent.

This can be difficult to do as a busy parent. I help to get you connected with local, like-minded parenting groups in both virtual & in-person formats. I have cultivated an international repository of parent-centered resources to tailor to your every parenting need.