Prioritizing parental wellbeing, one resource at a time.

Who's taking care of you?

Run Tell Mom, L.L.C. help parents and caregivers with live-in children navigate their journey throughout parenthood. We partner to fill the space beyond clinical care by providing customizable, evidenced-based resources via 1:1 consultation, workshops, and personalized preparation-based courses to optimize your parenting experience. Our goal is to support and nurture parents during all stages of parenthood.

We are not a "one-size-fits-all" parenting program.  
We offer virtual 1:1 consultations to ensure that each resource compliments your lifestyle & particular household. Each resource is carefully selected with you in mind.

As the familiar saying goes..."it takes a village to raise a child". Run Tell Mom L.L.C. is an integral part of that village!

We take the guess work out of parenting, one resource at a time.

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What does a Parental Wellness Consultant provide?

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Run Tell Mom, L.L.C. is a Parental Wellness Consulting company that prioritizes parental wellbeing by examining the modifiable and non-modifiable factors within the home / professional ecosystem.

We provide tools and resources that enhance your personal & professional ecosystem based on your own unique needs. Your needs guide our resource planning, therefore it is very important that we collaborate on what works best for you.

We prioritize parental wellbeing in order to avoid parental burnout. 

Your resource plan will have several compartments to choose from*: 
(the following is a non-exhaustive list): sleep hygiene & sleep optimization, cultivating a reliable support circle, personal development & parental networking, action planning for your home, resources for postpartum fitness, childcare-related resources, household work redistribution, and resources for stress reduction.

*Always consult  your medical provider for any medically-related questions. Information provided on this site is for educational, informational purposes only*.

Run Tell Mom L.L.C. provides you with a customizable resource plan to get you where you want to be:

"I'm so tired, I don't even know where to begin."

Sleep deprivation is so exhausting! We connect you with a variety of sleep hygiene resources for you & your little one. For parents with older children, we can provide you with resources in adolescent sleep hygiene. Our research is based on your specific need; this is not a one-size-fits-all approach.
In addition, we address household workload and "invisible labor" or "invisible work" which was a term utilized in 1987 by sociologist Arlene Daniels- this is unpaid work completed in the household that typically goes unnoticed. This can also contribute to fatigue and exhaustion.

"It's hard to eat healthy when I'm always busy."

We know how difficult it can be to reprioritize your nutrition while you are taking care of a new baby. Beginning in early Winter of 2022, Run Tell Mom L.L.C. will offer customizable nutrition coaching!

*Please note: always consult a physician before starting any nutrition program to ensure that it is suitable for your specific needs.

"I need to find a way to relax and decrease my stress level."

Unchecked stress can have a major impact on our longterm health, therefore we make it our mission to decrease your stress levels by providing you with evergreen resources to address multidimensional tiers of stress. We provide you with resources to get you connected to local & virtually-based parental support groups, app-based mindfulness courses, and breathwork workshops. We also provide multiple group-based Masterclassess and various workshops that address the physiology of stress, ways to manage within household & work environments, and how to set boundaries in order to prevent burnout.

"My house is a mess and I can't seem to stay as organized as I once was before."

Sound familiar? This is a sentiment shared by many! We can help you create a flexible contingency plan for household tasks that also take into account your family's busy schedule.

"I feel overloaded- I don't want to run the risk of feeling burnt out."

Shelley, our Founder, received her certification from The Training Institute for Parental Burnout created by Moïra Mikolajczak Ph.D. and Isabelle Roskam Ph.D. All of our resources are geared toward burnout prevention. If you are looking to schedule a 1:1 consultation for parental burnout prevention, click the Contact button above to schedule with Shelley today.
*Note: consultations do not constitute as medical and/or therapeutic advice- we provide resources for burnout prevention. Please seek out the care of your healthcare provider if you have medical / therapy-related inquiries*

"It can be hard to find new friends as a new parent."

We got you! We get you connected with local, like-minded parenting groups both in-person and online. We have cultivated an international web of parent-centered resources to tailor to your every parenting need.

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