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Parental Resources for New & Expectant Families

Personally-curated resources for your specific family. Each resource plan is unique & customizable.

60-minute comprehensive session

Parental Resources For New & Expectant Families

We are thrilled to offer  virtual support to help you prepare your household for a new family member. This comprehensive virtual session will cover the following topics:

  • How to search for personal birth support & caregiver support
  • Preparing your home for a new family member
  • Preparing a list of questions for care team interviews
  • Preparing tailored checklist for your birthing experience
  • Subsequent Q&A session

Cost of personalized planning session: $150.00 USD

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Partner Resources For Collaborative Household Support

Looking for partner support? We have what you need!

We are excited to offer this collaborative household support consultation in an effort to address some of the questions your  partner may have before / following the arrival of your child(ren). Our "Partner Resources for Collaborative Household Support"  will cover the following topics:

1. Household division of labor & implementation of "Fair Play Method" 

2. Basic postpartum physiology

3. Q & A: "How can I help my partner with baby-related responsibilities?"

4. How to search for partner support / perinatal mental health specialists, group support, peer-to-peer support

5. Household equity, personalized "return-to-work" action planning for a smooth career transition

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Partner Resources For Collaborative Household Support

Supporting Your Birthing Partner & Understanding Postpartum Changes!

60-minute comprehensive sessions

Burnout Resources for Parents

1:1 or 1: group sessions: space is limited.

Professional Coaching for Parents

Burnout is at an all-time high with 1 in 4 working parents experiencing burnout. We recognize the difficulties you face within the household & work setting: managing increasingly high work expectations, external pressure to hit productivity goals, lack of substantial support, and balancing your home life as a parent. These private-access sessions are designed with you, a  professional-parent, in mind. Here are some of the topics we cover during our sessions: 

  • Burnout prevention resources
    (local / virtual)
  • Developing a personalized action plan integrating local family / friend / work support (your supportive ecosystem)
  • Integrating work-based resources to decrease stress level at work- this is beyond "self-care"
  • Constructing your ideal home schedule:  integrating collaborative household support
  • Employee advocacy for parents in the workforce

Email Shelley@runtellmom.com for session details. Recommend (3) sessions to track & customize based on personal progress.

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The Science Of Pregnancy And Postpartum Parenthood

Run Tell Mom offers a science-packed course for expectant & postpartum birthing parents!
"The Science of Pregnancy & Postpartum Parenthood" session will cover the following topics (keeping in mind that this is a 45-minute session with 15-min Q&A, it will be simplified to fit the allotted timeframe):

  • 1st / 2nd / 3rd trimester physiological changes based on recent ACOG publications.
  • Postpartum hormone changes
  • The process of healing- general information
  • Ways to help birthing parent during recovery period
  • Resources for birthing partner to learn more about postpartum recovery

Your journey is unique-  the information provided will be generalized and broad in nature.

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The Science Of Pregnancy And Postpartum Parenthood

How do our birthing bodies change during/after pregnancy?

45-minute session, 15-minute Q & A
$75 Per Household

Hire Shelley Kemmerer for public speaking.

Customized slide deck and Q + A are perfect for corporate environments.

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Disclaimer: Always consult your medical provider for any medically-related needs. As an added reminder, we are not therapists and do not provide any therapeutic advice. Thank you!

If you are interested in exploring our consultation options, book a discovery call! Free consultations are available for 1st time clients. During this discovery call, we will review current offerings, our resourcing approach, and will answer any questions you may have about our services. This session is specifically for Service Q & A and not a coaching / resource planning session.

Corporate & Organizational Resources for Burnout

Stress and parental burnout can impact individual & familial wellbeing. Occupational burnout is a widely-discussed topic in 2022; according to the APA, "burnout is at an all-time high across professions"; negative work-related stress, lack of interest, decreased motivation, and depleted energy at work have been reported. The result: high turnover rate, employee dissatisfaction, massive onboarding to fill vacancies, increased sick call-ins, and "The Great Resignation".

This is where we step in to help.

We provide staff & faculty burnout prevention resources for organizations and corporations. If your company or organization would like to book our founder as your guest speaker, please contact us by email at Shelley@runtellmom.com or fill out an inquiry on our contact form.

We provide the latest reference-based information on  workplace wellbeing, trends in the current workforce,  effective employer collaboration, and evidence-based tools / information on burnout prevention. Our sessions are collaborative- we invite all staff, faculty, and administration to join.

Speaking engagements are *not* a replacement for medical and / or therapeutic advice.

Corporate & Organizational Speaking Engagements: Burnout Resources for Employees and Staff

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Resources For Household Action Plan

Household Action Plans

Providing your family with a clear-cut framework to help you communicate your needs, set up activities, maintain an active and productive household, and to stay connected as a thriving family unit.

Cost of (1) Household Action Plan: $75

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Partnership & Brand Collaboration

We love collaborating and partnering with like-minded professionals and businesses and we thank you for your interest in Run Tell Mom!

If you are interested in a social media collaboration, brand collaboration, or possible brand ambassadorship, please direct your emails to: Shelley@runtellmom.com

*Note: Please provide your company's website, type of collaboration, and length of commitment. If the proposal is in alignment with our platform's philosophy, we will respond within 5-7 business days.

Partnership & Brand collaboration

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