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I am here to help you navigate burnout prevention and recovery resources from early parenthood & beyond.

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Parental Resources for New & Expectant Families

Personally-curated resources for your specific family. Each resource plan is unique & customizable.

60-minute comprehensive session.

Parental Resources For New & Expectant Families

I offer virtual & in-person evidence-driven  resource sessions to help you prepare your household for a new family member. This comprehensive virtual session will cover the following topics:

  • How to search for credible prenatal / postnatal parent & caregiver support online
  • Preparing your home for a new family member
  • FAQ for prenatal and postnatal care team interviews
  • Preparing tailored checklist for your birthing experience
  • Subsequent Q&A session

*These sessions are offered twice per year.* Partners and caregivers invited to join session.

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Fair Play Method Sessions for Household Support

Looking to close the household task and chore gap within your household? Start here!

This collaborative household support consultation was developed in an effort to address some of the questions your partner may have before about chore equity, household task division, implementing "Fair Play Method" within your home including conception, planning, and execution of household tasks.

As a Fair Play Facilitator, I’m trained in Eve Rodsky's Fair Play concepts on household division of labor. I provide education, resources, and targeted strategies on division of labor, task equity, and the mental load of parenthood. I offer customized sessions for  individuals, couples, groups and organizations. Note: Fair Play Facilitation is not therapy.

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Partner Resources For Collaborative Household Support

Fair Play Method: education, resources, household task division

60-minute comprehensive sessions

The Executive Parent: Burnout Strategy Session for Dual Role Collision

Session recordings, comprehensive summaries, weekly check-in.

Burnout Prevention Sessions for Busy Parents:

My service portfolio includes one-on-one consultations, dynamic workshops, and personalized preparation-based courses. By focusing on these elements, I aim to address and alleviate both occupational and parental burnout, a common yet often overlooked issue in today's fast-paced world. Recognizing the importance of balance in both personal and professional spheres, I curate individual burnout strategy sessions & resource plans tailored to your specific lifestyle and needs as a busy parent. These individually-curated sessions are designed with you, a professional / parent, in mind. Here are some of the topics we cover during our sessions: 

  • Burnout prevention resources ( local / virtual)
  • Developing personalized action plans for work & home
  • Effective tools &  evidence-based strategies for work & home
  • Constructing your ideal home schedule: integrating collaborative household support
  • Education, advocacy for parents combatting "dual role collision"

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Burnout Prevention Strategies for Businesses

I empower organizations by offering strategic insights that transform work culture, nurturing a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. I offer practical, solution-based strategies designed to integrate seamlessly into your company's framework. I don’t just provide a set of proposals; I deliver a comprehensive roadmap, ensuring an effortless transition towards a burnout-resilient work environment. By focusing on the human element—not just the productivity metrics—I help you unlock unprecedented levels of organizational potential. Addressing burnout is not just about maintaining productivity, it's about investing in your people and ensuring their well-being. Welcome to a new era of organizational health where burnout is no longer a lurking threat, but a challenge well-managed.

  • Review your current Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Collaborate with administration to address EAP retention / utilization
  • Provide evidence-based information on burnout prevention / recovery
  • Provide solution-based proposals to implement within your company
  • Provide general information on parental burnout & "dual role collision"

Session length: 90 minutes

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Uncovering Real Solutions for Employee Burnout

In-depth Assessment / Plan for Employers

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Hire Shelley Kemmerer for public speaking.

Hire Shelley Kemmerer for public speaking.
Customized slide deck and Q + A are perfect for corporate environments.

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Corporate & Organizational Presentations

Workplace stress and parental burnout can impact individual & familial wellbeing. I frequently refer to this as "dual role collision". Occupational burnout is a widely-discussed topic in 2023; according to the APA, "burnout is at an all-time high across professions". Some may experience negative work-related stress, lack of interest, decreased motivation, and depleted energy at work. The result: high turnover rate, employee dissatisfaction, massive onboarding to fill vacancies, increased sick call-ins, and financial turmoil for businesses.

This is where I step in to help you find a tangible path forward.

I provide direct staff & faculty burnout prevention resources for organizations and corporations.
For specific inquiries, email or fill out an inquiry on my contact form.

I provide the latest reference-based information on workplace wellbeing, feedback for effective employer collaboration, and evidence-based tools and information on burnout prevention. My sessions are collaborative- I invite all staff, faculty, and administrative staff to join.

Corporate & Organizational Presentations for Employees & Parents on Burnout

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Not Your Average Burnout Discussion

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