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Sleep hygiene resources

As a parental wellness organization, we have decided to take a deeper look into the negative impacts of sleep debt on parents as mental wellness and bonding are so vitally important to both parent and child.

We are very pleased to announce that Run Tell Mom L.L.C. has created a partnership with Fatigue Science, a worldwide leader in fatigue related risk management and the optimization of human performance. As a partner with Fatigue Science, the overall goal for our clients is to monitor fatigue levels in an effort to achieve optimal sleep hygiene while caring for newborns / children. Given this particular wearable technology is not available to the general public, it provides exclusive access for our clients to examine their fatigue levels in the same fashion as some professional athletes and military personnel! In addition to connecting you with Fatigue Science, Run Tell Mom L.L.C. researches local certified sleep coaches for sleep training your little one.

Social engagement and networking

We provide you with local meet-up resources for parents & little ones, further expanding your own supportive social circle. If you are in search of a career that provides family support (childcare, breastfeeding resources, paid medical leave), we will help you navigate that as well. Whether you plan to return to your previous career, pursue a new career, or shift gears to parenting full-time, we will work collaboratively to make the transition as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

fitness and certified trainers

We will get you connected with a local fitness trainer that specializes in perinatal & postpartum fitness with a focus on pelvic floor & core health. We will discuss your workout environment preferences (in-home training vs. facility-based training options) during our 60-minute consultation. Always consult your medical provider before beginning any exercise program.

Nutrition coaching (Coming SOON!)

Run Tell Mom L.L.C. will offer client-centered nutrition coaching options to all clients. We will assess your current dietary habits while being mindful of your personal goals and individual needs. Enrollment in the structured, client-centered nutrition coaching program is a 12-month commitment.

mental wellness and stress reduction

We provide you with comprehensive wellness resources which are fully customizable to suit your own interpretation of “wellness”. The idea of pursuing your own wellness is ever-evolving, therefore we provide you with variety of options to suit your expansive needs. *Always consult your medical provider for any medically-related needs.

Mindfulness resources

Feeling stressed? We get it. These mindfulness resources will include reputable local programs for mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), easy-to-navigate apps, local meditation groups and events, and practical relaxation techniques.

Household maintenance planning

Providing your family with a clear-cut framework to help you communicate your needs, set up activities, maintain an active and productive household, and to stay connected as a thriving family unit.

Action planning for self-care

The goal is to maximize parental wellbeing to benefit the entire household! What does self-care mean to you? What does that look like for you? We work together to answer these questions in order to devise something unique to yourself and your household.

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