Celebrating Collaboration: Parents & Caregivers!

To all of the parents, caregivers, that are on this platform for additional supportive resources and for the content creators that prioritize family wellbeing- this message is specifically for you: 

For the parents and caregivers, working tirelessly to prioritize family wellbeing, safety, and health. We will continue to advocate for you. We will advocate for better environments, more resources, and better conditions. You deserve more respect, more accessible health-related support, and more peace of mind among many other countless things I could rattle off here. 

For the healthcare & mental health providers, the parental mental wellbeing advocates the glue that has been holding our society together as best as possible. We will continue to advocate for you and we applaud you, constantly. 

To the caregivers, the educators, those that provide special services to all of the children within our society, we will continue to advocate for you, even more so now. You frequently go overlooked, undervalued, and frankly underpaid. We want to recognize you, too. 

If you are any of the above, we want to hear from you, showcase & collaborate with you because we want to use this platform for good, not for hate. This is what we are here for & we want you to feel like you belong here. In this community, as a part of a larger collaborative conversation. 

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